A Mastermind changed my life,
and gave me purpose.


I had a good thing going
for many years....

I have always been in awe of small business owners.  

I have worked with hundreds of them over a 20 year period earlier in my life and had a HUGE respect for their tireless efforts in all aspects of their business.  To be honest, I secretly wondered why on earth anyone would choose such a difficult path!

At the time, I was quite happy with my career as General Manager at a regional radio station.  I had worked my way up from an entry-level sales position, and I was in charge of a great staff and loving my work.  We were expanding into new markets, our audience and our advertisers loved us, and I was on top of my game!  The higher you are - the higher you fall.  New owners ran the station into the ground in 6 months.  I was devastated.

Fortunately, I experienced a (relatively) smooth transition into a position as Strategic Marketing Director for a large regional non-profit. I stayed there for several years adding new titles to my resume including Human Resources Specialist, Small Business Consultant, and Corporate Trainer. 

Eventually I was working out of my home office several days a week, coordinating large campaigns and developing curriculum for an emerging clientele.  I was attending great conferences around the country - even speaking at several - and loving my work again!

Around the end of 2006 I started feeling dissatisfied. I couldn’t really put a finger on it at the time; something was missing.  Even with a juicy new project on my plate that was going to challenge me on many levels, I was getting bored.  And frustrated. My boss and I weren't seeing eye-to-eye, and I was tired of answering the corporate call.  

As doors close, others open..... 

In search of meaningful work I combined my passion for teaching with my love of young people and followed my heart into public education.  Specifically, I choose to work with high school students!

I genuinely felt called to teach and believed I could make a difference. The work was incredibly satisfying, and I have great relationships with many of my students to this day. For 5 years I endured the administrative and union nightmares, budget cuts and ever-evolving nonsensical standards. In the end, I saw the hand-writing on the wall. The kids were amazing - yet after 5 years and 6 administrators, I knew I had to move on.

Over the next few years I found several meaningful opportunities to use my skills and talents and learn new ones, but the disconnect always returned and eventually launched me on a journey of self-discovery.

Finally, my new purpose is revealed.

In January, 2013 I joined a Mastermind group.

As I talked about my challenges at work and responded to questions from my amazing group -  it dawned on me.  

It was time to stop chasing someone else’s dreams and start relentlessly pursuing mine.

  • I knew 8 out of 10 businesses fail. 
  • I knew most people went into business to pursue a passion, and that their passion is rarely about business.
  • I knew the main reasons people fail were lack of focus, direction, and planning. Not understanding who their best customers are, why they really buy, and how to find them. Not being prepared to engage in the sales process, and not having systems in place to run their business.

And I knew those are my strengths. And my passion IS business.

I have always believed entrepreneurs are the seeds of change and the backbone of our global economy.

Masterminding helped me discover my mission and build the company I have today leveraging my strengths to help entrepreneurs JUST LIKE YOU harness the amazing power of a Mastermind to skyrocket your success.

All my life has been preparing for this.  All the dots have finally connected.

Intentional Entrepreneurs is the next stage of my journey - it's been a wild ride - and I'm happy to say - a very successful one!


In my 20+ years of business and marketing I have worked with hundreds of business owners and entrepreneurs. The industries and locations have changed, but the challenges and solutions have similar threads.

The larger stepping stones along my career path have included:

  • General Sales Manager - Regional FM Radio 
  • Human Resources Associate and Corporate Trainer - CA One Stops
  • Marketing and Business Consultant - Freelance/Self-employed
  • Business and Finance Teacher - (love those kids!)
  • Outreach Coordinator - Community College
  • Program Manager - 501c3
  • CEO - Intentional Entrepreneurs

My career path has uniquely qualified me to excel in business training.  I have worked 1:1 and in small groups consulting and coaching business owners in everything from start-up planning to growth strategies.  


I am a firm believer in fun and meaningful work
and life-long learning!


What it takes to ROCK a Mastermind!

Now, I am a Mastermind Junkie.  I facilitated small groups for over 10 years in my training and teaching careers - and I have started and joined dozens of groups since becoming a trained Mastermind Facilitator.

A killer Mastermind needs a strong leader who isn't afraid to ask the hard questions and keep the group focused and on track.

A passionate and positive leader to make sure the group digs deep and focuses on results.

Groups benefit from a diversity of perspective, and a similarity of experience, so I work hard to match people based on where they are on their business journey.

I believe we are the backbone of the economy and together we are so much stronger than we are alone.

When you are ready to accelerate your growth - join a Mastermind and buckle your seatbelt!


My Philosophy


“Do one thing every day that scares you.” Eleanor Roosevelt


Here's the thing....

Many people think just because they have a passion, they can turn it into a business. And often they can – but they may make many costly mistakes (in terms of time or money, or both).  What works for one business may not work for another.  Well-meaning family and friends can give bad advice.

It's not easy to build a profitable business.  Just because you build it doesn't mean "they will come."  It takes vision, focus and discipline.  And a few basic strategies under your belt can mean the difference between success and failure. 

Entrepreneurs are the backbone of our economy and our country, and working one-on-one and in small group masterminds, I help them take ACTION and build profitable business doing work they love and believe in.

After engaging with me, my clients know what it takes to succeed.

My clients are in different stages of change and growth. Some are getting ready to launch a new venture, others are growing an existing enterprise.

They all seek clarity and direction in the pursuit of their dreams.

After working with me consistently for a few months, my clients are making huge strides in their business; they have renewed focus and are taking effective and meaningful action.

As an entrepreneur, I know the things that probably keep you up at night are:

  • Worrying about making money.
  • Thinking about everything that isn't working.
  • Wondering why people aren't buying your stuff.
  • Thinking about the millions of things you need to do - tomorrow.

This is why you need me. 

I've been in your shoes, and I know what it takes to succeed.

My biggest strengths are planning, organizing, problem-solving, strategizing, and marketing. I'm innovative and creative; a big picture dreamer with the analytical and detail-orientation necessary to keep things in perspective and make it happen!


The reason I am in business,
is to help you succeed.


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I love to talk business, and my door is always open.

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