Statistics say 8 of 10 businesses fail.
Together, we can fix

Does this sound like you?

  • You're a start-up or seasoned entrepreneur.
  • Your're in business because of your passion, not your passion for business.
  • Launching or running your business is harder than you thought it would be.
  • You aren't making (much) money.
  • Things aren’t working out the way you hoped, (planned?).
  • Sometimes you wonder if you want to do this anymore.
  • You're feeling overwhelmed and stressed with the sheer number of tasks and details.

If so, you're in the right place.


Here's Why Most Fail... 

Lack of focus, direction, and planning.

Not understanding why people buy products and services.

Poor customer attraction and retention.

Inadequate financial resources. 


Here's the Good News!

1.  TECHNOLOGY has created a deeply connected global marketplace, and people are building profitable and meaningful businesses around the world in record numbers.

2.  You CAN learn the skills necessary to make better business decisions, save time and money, and dramatically improve your chances of success.

You can learn to: 

  • Create a STRATEGIC VISION to keep you moving forward.
  • Set and achieve consistent objectives and GOALS.
  • Identify your BEST customers.
  • Learn why and when customers buy from you.
  • Successfully POSITION your products and services.
  • DIFFERENTIATE yourself from the competition.
  • Create a marketing funnel to consistently GENERATE NEW LEADS.
  • SELL authentically and successfully.
  • Develop SYSTEMS so your business can grow.
  • Hire and outsource EFFECTIVELY.
  • Cultivate a successful business MINDSET.

In short, you can learn to create a profitable business model doing work you love!


Your Biggest Hurdle?

If you're like a lot of people, your biggest hurdle is probably believing you can do it all by yourself.  

And that's really kind of crazy thinking.

How can you be an expert in your field AND an expert in business? 

There's a reason even business coaches have business coaches.


When you join a Mastermind, you join a group of people who won't let you fail.


Your own business is the hardest to see.

Intentional Entrepreneurs MastermindsIt is easier to be objective about ANOTHER person's business and spot areas that need attention.  

But when it comes to our own baby - THAT's a different story!  

We tend to put our head in the sand, or put our blinders on making it almost impossible to determine what's working and what isn't.  

We can be so in love with our products and services that we lose touch with the bigger picture, and sabotage our own success.

And there are no cookie-cutter solutions in business.  What works well for one person may not work for you.  You may have to take a simple, proven solution and modify it a dozen times to produce the same results.

No wonder many business owners are burned out and exhausted! 


And business isn't easy.  

If it were, everyone would be doing it. And everyone isn't.  

You are.   You are determined, motivated, passionate.  

And quitting is not an option.

My best advice to you is find someone you can really connect with to talk strategy - before things get too wonky.  Find someone who will support you in your efforts to grow your business - on your terms.

It will be one of the best investments you will ever make in your business.

As a Business Mentor and Mastermind Facilitator,
I specialize in helping entrepreneurs
bring their vision to life!

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