The Course on Business Clarity

5 Simple Steps to Find Your Focus, Flow and Freedom!


Step 2
Create Your Vision of Success
Where Do You Want to Go?


In Step 1 you tapped into your why - your inner motivation - and crafted a statement to express your contribution, your impact and your purpose.

Having this depth of clarity provides meaning and direction for everything you do.  It gives you a rock solid foundation from which to build.

Now, it’s time to get clear about where you want to go and create a 5 year vision for your business that lights you up and describes the people, places, things and experiences you want to accomplish within the next 5 years.

5 years is a great target because it’s far enough in the future to open up a world of possibilities, and yet not too far that it feels completely unattainable.

Beginning with the end in mind lets you place stars on the horizon to aim for, and helps you make better decisions and choices along the way.

Of course your vision will evolve as your business does, and that’s okay.  Every time I do this activity I get new insights and direction.

The important thing is to start somewhere.

Today, in as little as 15 minutes, you’ll create a powerful and meaningful vision that is aligned with your purpose.  One that gives you clarity, focus, direction and motivation.

And the amazing thing is that you get to choose where you want to go!  It’s one of the beautiful things about being an entrepreneur – you get to create your future.  It really IS your choice. So dream big!

Don’t limit yourself by wondering about the how – that will come, and we'll talk more about that in the next step.

If you feel that creating a vision isn’t “real” or that it’s “just dreaming”, that is just RESISTANCE talking.  It’s trying to keep you safe.  To protect you and keep you playing small.  So acknowledge it, release those thoughts and embrace the process of personally and professional growth.  Remember, you are here for a reason - you have a mission and a purpose.

Know that without a vision it’s hard to find focus.  Without a vision it’s easy to waste time, money and resources chasing bright shiny objects which often leads to feelings of overwhelm, confusion, and stress.

With a vision of what is truly possible for you, you'll stoke your inner fires and renew your passion.  Plus, you’ll gain tremendous clarity about the right projects, actions, and tasks to work on every single day.  The ones that will move the needle MOST in your business, and your life.

This is the second step toward finding the clarity you yearn for - and infusing your business (and your life) with fun, flow, and freedom.


"To be an entrepreneur with clarity is powerful.
There's NO LIMIT to how far you will travel when you clearly see the path in front of you."


Let’s do this!

  1. Download the handout below
  2. Grab something to write with (nothing beats putting pen to paper!)
  3. Watch the video for guidance, and create YOUR 5 year vision to keep you focused, motivated, and excited to be in business!

In the next module, you’ll learn how to make your vision a reality.  For now, just release any limiting thoughts and beliefs, and let your inner voice soar!

I’d love to hear your vision!  To share, venture over to our
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  • My 5 Year Vision
    My 5 Year Vision

    Use this worksheet to capture what is really possible for you in a 5 year vision that clarifies where you want to go and what you want to accomplish.