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Generating New Qualified Leads

Lead generation is an on-going process and the life-blood of your business.   Whether you serve 100 people each year or 1,000, you need to have new potential clients coming in on a regular basis to avoid the “feast or famine” syndrome.  (Particularly the famine part.)

Furthermore, these leads need to be QUALIFIED, meaning they aren’t just warm bodies.  They are real people in need of what you have to offer.  People who are likely to become customers and clients – and when treated with the respect they deserve – raving fans!

This topic is huge in my masterminds. It’s one of the primary functions of your business. Consistently generating qualified leads – AKA Marketing.

So, let’s dive in!

 1. Make sure your basics are covered:

  • You know exactly who your customer is
  • You know what their problems are and what results they want
  • You have a solution that helps them bridge the gap
  • You can articulate what sets you apart from the rest of the pack
  • You have a compelling message that conveys your solution and uniqueness clearly and succinctly

So far so good? If you have this is place – you are ready for the next step.

If not, be careful. You are still early in your business development stage. You can and should still engage in marketing, just recognize that you any money you invest now is really just going to test your assumptions. So, don’t dump $1,000 into a FaceBook campaign and agonize over a high cost per click and low conversions – take it slowly and be methodical and intentional.

2. Have the system in place to collect leads and convert them into raving fans!

At the very least, you need a spreadsheet and a checklist.

  • A spreadsheet to capture their contact information and the results of each contact (email, phone call, mailing).
  • A checklist to make sure you go through every single step of the entire process with every single lead/potential client.

Once you have these basics – AUTOMATE your system and put your marketing machine to work!

3. Identify 3 ways you will consistently focus your efforts to bring new leads into your system.

There are so many options it is impossible to list them all. The key is to focus on where your best potential clients hang out – and how they like to engage with you. When you can bring these two elements together – it’s magic!

An easy way to look at the big picture is to think about this in terms of online and offline strategies.

Where are you choosing to play?

  • Online strategies include: Write blog posts; make podcasts; write email newsletters; create weekly/monthly challenges; produce webinars; create a presence on social media and network on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, etc.; make videos; create an irresistible free offer to collect emails; reach out to affiliates; use keywords and build SEO; use pay-per-click and social media ads; write press release; have online chats, hangouts and conference calls; hold contests; have referral and incentive programs, and more!
  • Offline strategies include: speaking; attend networking events, business cards, direct mail; postcards, brochures, volunteering at special events; go to and start Meet-Ups; create promotional/merchandising materials; create referral cards to distribute; use print and broadcast media (carefully); hire sign spinners; attend trade shows; distribute free samples and more!

Mix and match to create your own marketing/promotional plan to connect with and collect contact information for your best potential clients.

The bottom line with any of these strategies is the same:

  1. Choose Carefully – which strategies will you commit to and why? You can’t be all places at once, so pick your top 3, and grow from there.
  2. Be Intentional – what is the objective of each campaign or activity? What do you want people to do after engaging with you? Have one clearly crafted call to action embedded in each activity.
  3. Be Consistent – Commit to the process and implement fully. It takes time to get results, and the longer you stay with it – provided everything we have already discussed is in alignment – the better your results will be. Analyze your results, tweak your campaign, and do it again. And again. And again.

Once you find what works for you – stick with it. Invest more time and more money and watch your business take off!

What is working for you?!

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