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Create Your Vision of Success!

One of the most powerful truths in life has to be that as human beings, we all have the ability to create our own success. This is such a simple statement it almost appears inconsequential, and perhaps you have heard it expressed so often it no longer has the ability to astonish.

But think about what this really means!  

Writers, researchers, philosophers and speakers have been telling us this for ages because it’s an amazing phenomenon and gift!

When you know what you want, the universe conspires to make it happen” writes Paulo Coelho in The Alchemist. “What your mind can conceive you can achieve”, writes Napoleon HIll in Think and Grow Rich.  “When you know what you want, and you want it bad enough, you will find a way to get it,” says Jim Rohn.

Even neuroscience has proven that parts of your brain are stimulated when you look into the future dream of bigger things – emotionally satisfying things – and that your brain actually mobilizes your inner resources to get you there and make what you envision happen!

Holy smokes. If that isn’t a reason to create a vision for where you want to go that will capture and motivate your brain to help get you there – then I don’t know what is!  

I like to create a 5 year vision.  5 years is far enough in the future to let my imagination run wild and think about what is truely possible, and not too far away to feel unrealistic and unattainable.

I release all limitations and imagine I have unlimited resources, time, energy, health and money.  And I ask myself a series or powerful questions and visualize the answers that come.

Then I write it down in paragraph form and flesh it out, filling in the details.  

There’s enormous power in writing things down.  This triggers part of your brain to pay attention to this information.  It says “This is important!”, and begins working behind the scenes to see that it happens.

Of course, the alternative is to just go with the flow and see where life takes you. There isn’t anything wrong with this approach; you might even end up in a great place.

More often than not though, this leads to waking up one day and wondering how the heck you ended up in debt, or bankrupt, or with 5 ex-spouses, or even hating your business. 

If you choose to be intentional about your success, create a vision describing where you want to go that’s aligned with your purpose and your values.

If you have a current vision you love – congrats!  You’re ahead of the game!

If not, click here for a short video and download and in just 15 minutes you’ll craft a powerful vision that inspires and motivates you, and gives you tremendous clarity and focus.

This simple activity will keep you moving in the direction of your dreams, help you make better business decisions, and help you persevere during the “growth opportunities” your business brings.

With your vision firmly in mind, you have something specific to focus your attention on.  And you know that where you place your attention is what grows.

Your vision also guides your goals, and your daily, weekly, and monthly action steps.  You know what to do every day so you can move forward with intention and purpose, releasing the overwhelm and confusion far too common in business.

I’d love to hear your thoughts below (or hear about your vision!), or in our private Facebook Group!

3 thoughts on “Create Your Vision of Success!

    • Yes! Isn’t that the TRUTH! Don’t you think being in business is a tremendous personal development journey?! The ups and downs, facing fears, and shifting our thoughts. You are so right – without the right mindset, it would be so easy to get overwhelmed and frustrated. Thanks for sharing!

    • That is so true. I think mindset is 90% of the game. We can do anything with the right attitude – and action. I know I have learned so much about myself through my business, and I’m a better person that I was when I started.

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