If you're ready to serve more people, make more money, and work fewer hours, join a group of peers on the same journey, and grow faster and easier than you ever can on your own.

You love working with your clients and making your mark on this world... and yet, juggling all the tasks on your plate feels overwhelming.  Exhausting.

It's hard to find your focus, to get things done.

You constantly change your mind, over-think your decisions, and struggle to follow through on your goals and take inspired action.

You have too many ideas, and aren't sure which one to pursue.  Bright, shiny objects distract you from your purpose and your path.

You get stuck.  Feel frustrated.  Business doesn't feel fun.  Your energy drains, and sometimes your bank account does too.

The Comparison Trap and Imposter Syndrome can rear their ugly heads causing you to hesitate. Stumble.  Procrastinate.  Doubt your purpose.

You know there has to be better way.  An easier way.  And you are right.


Get the support you need to stop the struggle and love your business again.

When you have a powerful support team, a mastermind group of others on the same path who know exactly what you're going through, it's far easier to stay on course.

Imagine a peer advisory group to bounce ideas off of and get honest and insightful feedback from.  A team who's eager to share perspectives, experience, resources, and best practices so you can grow your business faster and easier than you can on your own.

A mastermind group of your peers who hold you accountable to your goals and your dreams, and who may even believe in you more than you do yourself some days.

A team who'll challenge you to grow professionally, and personally, and become the best version of yourself.  The fearless and inspired person you're meant to be.

THIS is Higher Impact.  Small intimate groups of passionate and purposeful solopreneurs, implementing powerful business models to leverage their time, money and resources to maximize their income - and their impact.

Working together, everyone achieves more.

Being an entrepreneur provides growth opportunities, every day.

"Your playing small does not serve the world."

If you are ready to be FOCUSED and FEARLESS and embrace a larger vision of what is possible for you, this group can make a monumental difference in your business, and your life.

If you are ready to play bigger, to let your light shine, and you believe you are MEANT to succeed, come join us; everything is so much easier when you travel in the company of others on a shared journey.

  • You can DESIGN your business to support your dreams and desires and find true time and financial freedom.
  • You can TRANSFORM your unique brilliance into content for your own brilliant programs.
  • You can LEVERAGE your time and resources and STOP the soul-crushing work of chasing individual clients.
  • You can RETAIN your highest paying clients with your premium programs and charge more for the transformation you provide.
  • You can BOLDLY face your fears and embrace your purpose and be the leader your tribe is waiting for.
  • You can build amazing RELATIONSHIPS with strategic partners who want you to succeed.

When you join a Higher Impact Mastermind you:

Join an elite and supportive team of your peers who will encourage and inspire you, and hold you accountable for your efforts - and your vision.

If you are working with clients 1-2-1 and are ready to GROW your business, you may be ready for Higher Impact.

Discover how masterminding, laser coaching, training and the right tools can help you achieve your goals, and build a profitable, scaleable business faster and easier than you will on your own.

  • Work with others who UNDERSTAND what it means to pour your heart and soul into your business.
  • Gain a KNOWLEDGEABLE sounding board for your ideas and insights.
  • Learn BEST PRACTICES, what is and isn't working for others.
  • Experience the power of PEER ACCOUNTABILITY.
  • Discover NEW INSIGHTS, perspectives and ideas that can change the way you see your business.
  • LEVERAGE the collective wisdom and resources of the group.
  • FAST-TRACK your success.

A TRUE mastermind is a peer advisory group where members serve and support each other through group brainstorming, support, and accountability. The primary task of the facilitator is to manage conversations to best leverage the diverse perspective and wisdom of the group.

On the surface, many people think “That mastermind thing sounds good.” They choose to join a group – or they don’t.  Those who don’t, move on, not realizing what a gift they may have missed.

Those who choose to accept the invitation to join a mastermind and who choose to play full out, authentically and with joy and abandon, receive even more than they ever imagined possible.

The universal energy mastermind members bring to the table is an open invitation for professional expansion and personal growth.

Until you have participated in the flow of a real and powerful mastermind, you only have a cerebral understanding of the possibility, the promise of what a true mastermind holds.


"I joined one of Laurie's mastermind groups earlier this year and am miles ahead of where I thought I would be because of it! Being able to connect with a group of like-minded, driven individuals has helped me set the bar higher and achieve more than I could have ever imagined on my own!"

"Joining a mastermind group was one of the best decisions of my life. I am more driven, productive, and more effective because I have a team of people to brainstorm ideas and goals with." - Jessica S.

My 20+ years of business and marketing, and 10+ years in program design and facilitation have uniquely prepared me to lead powerful groups of solopreneurs who are ready to SCALE!

Intentional Entrepreneurs Masterminds

I'm Laurie Wann, CEO of Intentional Entrepreneurs, Mastermind Facilitator, and Business Consultant/Teacher.

In a powerful mastermind years ago I discovered MY mission and realized it was time to relentlessly pursue my dreams instead of other's.

Now, I help purpose-driven solopreneurs, (coaches, consultants, healers, and teachers - people with a burning passion to help others) increase your INCOME and your IMPACT by learning to LEVERAGE your time, money, resources and brilliance.

I realized that my life had uniquely prepared me for this. All the dots connected. (This often happens in a great mastermind.)

8 out of 10 people fail in business, often because they start a business to pursue a passion, and that passion is rarely about business.

Without a fundamental understanding of business, many entrepreneurs:

  • Lack focus, direction, and accurate planning.
  • Fail to understand who your best customers are, why they REALLY buy, and how to find and talk to them.
  • Resist engaging effectively in the sales process.
  • Don't have systems in place to maximize productivity.
  • Run out of money.


Most entrepreneurs don't have the right BUSINESS MODEL.  To be successful in business, you need to design your business to support you -and your dreams.  

These are my strengths.  And this is what my clients MASTER.

I have led dozens of Masterminds over the past few years, and I am always IN at least one mastermind program honing my business, and my craft.

The sharing and solutions, the action and accountability, the clarity and the camaraderie - beyond a shadow of a doubt MASTERMINDING is the reason for my success.

Masterminds aren't new - for 1,000's of years they have helped build empires and transform lives. And now you can put the power of a mastermind to work for you.

As a TRAINED and EXPERIENCED Facilitator, I leverage the collective wisdom of the group to maximize the experience for all, and I make sure we stay on-time, on-track, fired-up and focused!

Bottom line?  My one-of-a-kind virtual business masterminds are designed to help you escape the struggle and build the profitable business you deserve.

If you have been in business for a while, and already have 1-2-1 clients, and you're ready to take your business to the next level, you may be a good fit for a HIGHER IMPACT MASTERMIND.

It would be an honor to work with you on this path as you grow the business of your dreams and continue your personal evolution, while you serve and support YOUR tribe.

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful,
committed citizens can change the world;
indeed, it's the only thing that ever has."

 - Margaret Mead


Professionally-Facilitated for High-Performance

  • 12 Month Mastermind Program

    To ensure your success, Higher Impact masterminds offer a full year of support and accountability.  Members are committed to achieving meaningful professional and personal transformations and are not seeking just another “quick fix.”

  • Regular Hotseats

    You will have the opportunity to hotseat every other month.  This is where we deep dive into specific areas where YOU want support, feedback, or suggestions.  Since members are all working on similar things, you often learn as much from other members’ hotseats as you do your own!  We meet via video conference for 2 hours each session.  Groups have between 5-8 members. This size allows everyone to get individual attention, is intimate enough to foster real connections with each other, and large enough to ensure you benefit from different perspectives.

  • Powerful Content and Instruction

    My Higher Impact Mastermind program includes access to my Bold and Brilliant Business Training Library with a dozen comprehensive modules that cover all the things you need to know to grow your business to the next level.  From creating powerful client profiles and drilling down on the transformation your client most desire, and that you uniquely provide, to crafting a concise and compelling marketing message and the fastest way to get your message in front of your best potential customers.  From designing your signature talk and effortless sales conversations, to email marketing and my signature Roadmap System to grow and automate your business, and more. 

  • Members-Only Monthly Q&A/Content Calls

    Every month we meet live for a Higher Impact members only Q&A and Content Call.  You’ll get to bring your current issues and questions, and get direct feedback, instruction and coaching to keep you moving forward and on track.  PLUS we will immerse ourselves into a specific topic each month, and you will have time to implement what you are learning – on the spot!

  • Personalized, Individual Coaching

    Before your Mastermind begins you and I will meet to get crystal clear on your goals and expectations, and make sure you are ready to rock and roll.  At the end of the Mastermind Program, we will meet again to make sure you have everything you need to continue knocking it out of the park.  Additional coaching sessions are available with different levels of program participation – see details below.

  • Business Model Makeover

    Immediately after you register, you will receive a Business Model Makeover training to design your business to support you!  We will review this material on our Focus Call so you are crystal clear on your goals and objectives  and know exactly where you need to focus your time and energy NOW. 

  • Private On-line Forum

    Out private Facebook group lets us continue conversations between sessions and bring new situations and challenges to the table as they arise.  I am very active in the group, and all members are encouraged to support each other here, and often develop lifetime friendships and business affiliations.  

  • Mastermind Success Manual

    All masterminds need guidelines for success, and our manual clearly explains our goals and expectations for the group.  It also contains many ideas for hotseats, tools for action planning, and tips on how to get the most out of your experience.  You can use this comprehensive resource as the basis to launch your own mastermind groups in the future.


This IS a good fit for you if...

  • You are on a mission to serve and support others, and already have clients.
  • You are serious about creating consistent and predictable cash flow.
  • You are ready to be bold and fearless and embrace powerful marketing/sales strategies to to attract and convert your best clients.
  • You want to develop systems to be more profitable and productive.
  • You are open-minded, decisive, and ready for action!

This is NOT a good fit for you if...

  • You measure success solely by what is in your bank account.
  • You don't like change and want to keep doing the same things while expecting different results.
  • You aren't ready to commit the time, money and resources to grow your business.
  • You aren't ready to let go of your limiting beliefs and accept what is truly possible for you.
  • You can't give and receive support in a group of like-minded people.

Let's Connect!

If you want to re-discover your momentum and fall in love with your business again, just click above and answer a few short questions.

After I receive your inquiry, I'll call you within 48 hours and set up a time to answer any questions you have, discuss your goals and desires, create a simple action plan to move you forward, and see if you might be a good match for Higher Impact.

jonathan"I'm a motivated and ambitious person, but I knew I needed accountability to stay on task.   Participating in Laurie's mastermind program, I was able to accomplish more than what might have normally taken me a year!"

"All the members turned out to be an overwhelming resource of information and ideas. Laurie’s ability to facilitate discussions - asking the right questions and steering us away from unproductive tangents - allowed us to get the most out of our time."
- Jonathan S.


  • 12 Monthly
    Mastermind Meetings
    2 hours each
    (Value $6000)


    Bold & Brilliant Business Training Library
    12 Comprehensive Modules
    (Value = $997)


     2 Hour Individual
    Focus Session

    (Value $500)


    12 Monthly Group Coaching/Q&A Calls
    60 minutes each
    (Value $3000)


    Private Facebook Group
    (Value $600)


    VALUE:  $11,097

    Your Cost for 1 Full Year of Support = $2364

  • 12 Monthly
    Mastermind Meetings
    2 hours each
    (Value $6000)


    Bold & Brilliant Business Training Library
    12 Comprehensive Modules
    (Value = $997)


     2 Hour Individual
    Focus Session
    (Value $500)


    12 Monthly Group Coaching/Q&A Calls
    60 minutes each
    (Value $3000)


    Private Facebook Group
    (Value $600)


    6 hours
    Individual Coaching
    Scheduled when you need it!
    (Value $1800)


    VALUE:  $12,897

    Your Cost for 1 Full Year of Support = $2988

  • 12 Monthly
    Mastermind Meetings
    2 hours each
    (Value $6000)


    Bold & Brilliant Business Training Library
    12 Comprehensive Modules
    (Value = $997)


     2 Hour Individual
    Focus Session
    (Value $500)


    12 Monthly Group Coaching/Q&A Calls
    60 mins each
    (Value $3000)


    Private Facebook Group
    (Value $600)


    12 hours
    Individual Coaching
    Scheduled when you need it!
    (Value $3600)


    Signature Program Design Intensive
    (Value $2500)


    Value:  $17,197

    Your Cost for 1 Full Year of Support = $4764

Let's Connect!

If you want to re-discover your momentum and fall in love with your business again, just click above and answer a few short questions.

I'll call you within 48 hours and set up a time to discuss your goals and desires, and see if we are a GREAT match. I screen all interested members to makes sure every group and every member is set up to SUCCEED.

I look forward to connecting soon.