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Overcoming Obstacles

Starting on a huge new project recently, I found myself in an old pattern:

  1. Excitement (Yay! New opportunity to serve and grow! Grateful!)
  2. Doubt (Ummm, wait a minute – this is huge.  Maybe I bit off too much.)
  3. Fear (Yeah.  This is too much – you can’t do this.)
  4. Self-talk (Of course you can, this is your strength, your passion and purpose!)
  5. Repeat!

As frustrating as it is to be caught up in the cycle again, it is also a relief because I know what to do next (it is, after all, my pattern).

I’ll give you a bit of the back-story here, which begins in the future…

In my vision of success, I am on stage sharing a powerful and beautiful message that NEEDS to be heard.    It is a simple yet profoundly moving message that inspires and enlightens – it resonates with audiences worldwide – changing behaviors, and ultimately lives!  

And here’s the challenge – I don’t know exactly what the message is, YET.  It’s a tease that flits around the edge of my awareness.  

It is there – and I will find it when the time is right.  Until then, I am doing my part; saying “yes” to the right opportunities to grow and develop, and committing to writing and speaking regularly.

This new project was an amazing opportunity.  A blessing for which I was very grateful.  And one which required me to conquer new territory and stretch in ways I had never thought possible.

Good stuff!  Right?!

The challenge was that my mind was playing an old story that said “You can’t do this. – You aren’t enough”.

Ironically, that was also the beauty of it!  This wasn’t new!  This was my pattern – my old story.

Has this happen to you? Have you experience doubt and fear when you are faced with a new project or undertaking?  

If so, consider asking why…  

  • Why is this happening?  
  • Why are these feelings coming up now?  
  • What can I learn from this?

Chances are you have an old story playing in the back of your mind.  Once you learn to recognize your story – you can rewrite it.

I rewrote my story by reminding myself that there is a tantalizing message I’m meant to share.  I have asked for insight and guidance on finding this message – “my voice” – and have been given a priceless gift.  An opportunity to grow.

The more I explore new ground, the more I continue to learn about other people’s struggles and creative solutions and the more my message slowly reveals itself.

So the next time fear and doubt make you question your ability, first realign your mind.  Remind yourself that you are capable and worthy.  More than that – you deserve it and you are perfect just the way you are to accomplish the task or project at hand.

We are meant to constantly grow.  We aren’t finished creatures yet.  And the best way to grow is to continue overcoming the obstacles we place in our own path.  Every time we do, it becomes easier, and we can remind ourselves of our true value, worth and purpose.

What do you think?  Do you find the obstacles you must overcome in business are more frequently mental in nature or are they physical, educational, technical or?  I would love to hear your thoughts and comments below.

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